Who we are, and what we do.

Arjan van der Schoot

Founder / OMG (Original Muddy Gnome)

Staci Baker

Co-Founder / COO (Cool Ol' Outlaw)

Arjan and Staci have shared a deep passion for Cold Exposure and its numerous benefits for the human body. Over the years, they have extensively researched and experimented with various techniques to enhance their own well-being through exposure to cold, fitness, nutrition and biohacking.

They have witnessed firsthand the positive effects it can have on mental clarity, physical performance, and overall health. This shared enthusiasm and belief in the transformative power of Cold Exposure led them to embark on a mission to spread awareness and educate others about its benefits. As they started sharing their knowledge and experiences with friends and acquaintances, they realized the growing interest and curiosity among people who were eager to explore this unconventional approach. This realization inspired Arjan and Staci to turn their passion into a business.

They saw an opportunity to not only help others but also create a sustainable business model by offering workshops, retreats and training programs, as well as products and experiences that lead to a happy healthy lifestyle.

Here's what people are saying...

"Before I met Staci and Arjan, the only thing I knew about ice exposure was the Penguin Plunge event, which I thought was just done for a fundraiser. I didn't know that there were any health benefits at all.

The first time I stepped into the ice tub, I wanted to jump back out. Thankfully I listened to Arjan and focused on breathing. After a minute or two, I felt so calm and relaxed. It's hard to explain, and if I didn't experience it myself, I would have a hard time believing it myself.

Now I am the one telling my friends that they have to try it, I even bought a portable tub to have at home. I still don't want to get in at first, but I know how amazing I will feel when I get out, so I focus on my breathing and get in. Never fail, I am always glad that I did!

- Kate Barber